Sale of Work: Just like the Old Days

Art/Crafts/Baked Goods Sale
Presentation and Mercy Sisters and Associates
article contributed by Sister Madeline Byrne 

This special day began last May when I visited with a few of the Presentation Sisters and Associates to discuss the idea of having a joint Art/Craft/Bake Goods Sale. The idea was well received so the planning began. Throughout the year we met several times and letters were sent to all Sisters and Associates of both congregations. The date for the sale was set for November 27, 2010. We prayed there would not be a snow storm. We were lucky: it was a sunny day and lots of parking space.

On November 27, Mercy Convent Gymnasium was decorated, tables in readiness to receive the items. Shortly after lunch the Sisters and Associates began to arrive with their donations of goods—sweaters, socks, doilies, blankets, aprons, cards, paintings, cakes, cookies and of course, fudge. What would a Mercy Sale be if you didn’t have “Nuns fudge”! There seemed to be so much! None of us imagined it would be all sold in an hour.


When the sale officially opened the people just kept coming and buying something special. It was a great day for everyone. Many saw some old friends and students –a celebration of a kind!  The sale was a great success. The proceeds from the event were donated to our charities-The Gathering Place, Peruvian Mission and Presentation Sisters Mission in Dominica. A week later the committee met to review the event and make plans for next year!

The day finally arrived!

The tables were piled high!

We all stood wondering

if enough people would come to buy it all.

Three Associates Make Commitment


February 13, 2011

Article contributed by Sr. Maureen O’Keefe

On Sunday afternoon, February 13, 2011 Mercy Convent Chapel was the setting for a rich experience of how God continues to grace our Mercy Congregation. Pews and Prie-Dieu were filled to capacity with Sisters, Associates and family members, gathered to welcome new Associates into the Mercy Associate Relationship. In a beautiful Prayer/Ritual led by their facilitators, Sisters Margie Taylor and Madeline Byrne, three women – Mickie Pitcher, Marilyn Stack and Geraldine (Gerri) Stapleton made their commitment as Mercy Associates
Sister Elizabeth Davis, Congregation Leader, welcomed the new Associates, received their commitments and presented them with their Associate pins and Certificates. Husbands and other family members were present to participate in the ceremony and share in the joy of their loved ones as they entered upon another significant phase in their spiritual journey.
The sentiments of all Associates present were echoed in the words of Associate, Anna Kelly in her reflection, “What Being a Mercy Associate Means to Me.” Anna spoke of their Associate meetings as “ time for prayer, sharing, showing support and concern for each other, having time to develop new friendships and of course, enjoying a story and a few laughs as they share that ‘comfortable cup of tea’ at the end of the meeting.” She noted that each Associate brings to the group their own gifts and talents that enable them to companion with the Sisters of Mercy to carry on Catherine McAuley’s charism, to bring the Mercy of God to those in need. At the same time, Associates deepen their own Baptismal commitment to live more fully the values of the Gospel.
A spirit of joy and gratitude flowed from the chapel to the Fleming Room where friendship and fun were shared over the rim of that traditional tea cup!
Thousands of thanks and praises
To His Holy Name.

                                                  C. McAuley