Ministry of Prayer

One of the most important ministries of the Sisters of Mercy is our ministry of prayer. Prayer is the ministry of the whole Congregation, but it is a special ministry for our sisters who because of health or mobility issues, can no longer participate in the more active ministries

Sisters who are no longer able to be actively involved in the works of the Congregation are the prayer powerhouse for the whole Congregation.  They take their Ministry of Prayer very seriously and are faithful and consistent in their concern and their prayer.

Practically every sister is involved in the congregational reflection circles, which meet regularly for prayer and reflection on issues relating to the life and spirit of the Congregation.

Since 2021 the majority of the sisters live at the Residence at Littledale where they celebrate all liturgical feasts and participate in the many opportunities offered by the Congregation for deepening our sense of mission in today’s church and world.  These include the Season of Creation, Synod on Synodality, special prayer reflections sent by the Leadership Team, Cosmic Wreath, Mercy International programs, Canadian Religious Conference offerings, United Nations Conferences, updates on Justice and Environmental issues. Sisters have been using the Zoom platform for participation in Chapters, Congregational Assemblies and a host of other web-based programs over the past number of years.

Sisters pray at The Mount
Prayer in Peru
Prayer at St Joseph's Convent
Sr Elizabeth Davis at the Synod
A Remembrance Ritual
At a Burial
Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice
Women of the Bible Storytelling

Besides liturgy and praying the Rosary which are essential to their daily life, the sisters are attentive to prayer requests that come to them from family members, friends, other sisters and even strangers looking for support. All these requests receive their focused attention and prayerful support. The Clarion, the congregation’s weekly electronic newsletter, carries a list of people needing special prayer in their time of need.