Ecology and Justice

The Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice highlights the Sisters of Mercy commitment ‘to focus our resources and energy towards examining, challenging and healing injustice and oppression’ and ‘to live a spirituality flowing from a sense of the sacredness and oneness of all of creation’.

The Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice is located on one acre of land at 101 Mt. Scio Road, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. The Centre, established since 2003, is an initiative of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy to provide education, advocacy and leadership in the areas of social justice and ecology.  Its foundation is rooted in a commitment to the ministry of care for Earth and for those who experience poverty, injustice and vulnerability.  The work of the Centre is based on a philosophy of integral ecology recognizing that the cry of Earth and the cry of the poor (human and other than human) are one.


  • Provision of education in the areas of social justice and ecology through group sessions, conferences and workshops (in-person and electronically), learning opportunities for children and adults, e.g. summer camps, engagement of teacher and class, provision of resources (written and digital), conferences and workshops, hands-on opportunities.
  • Availability of garden space to immigrant groups and others for planting, caring for growth and harvesting of produce planted, including greenhouse and composting learning.
  • Provision of learning, experience and reflection related to the “cosmic story”, the story of the creation of the earth and the cosmos.
  • Promotion of integral ecology based on the belief that the “cry of Earth and the cry of the poor” are one.
  • Service as a hub and to collaborate with groups and associations focussed on issues of food production, food protection, and food sharing.
  • Collaboration with other education, advocacy and leadership groups in the Pippy Park area – Pippy Park Commission, Easter Seals, McSheffrey Community Garden, Common Ground Gardens, Rainbow Riders, the Fluvarium, the O’Brien Farm, and the MUN Botanical Gardens.


  • Advocacy related to poverty, justice, human rights, protection of the land and species, clean water and sanitation, food security, climate emergency and more.
  • Promotion of and advocacy regarding the Sustainable Development Goals (UN).
  • Promotion of healing where specific groups, like those suffering from mental illness or alienation, may visit to enjoy the space in nature, to participate in programs and activities, to find meditative space and to benefit from opportunities provided.
  • Collaboration with and support of other advocacy groups in related causes.


  • Development of leadership knowledge and skills in the areas of ecology and justice, especially among youth and interested adults.
  • Enhancement of understanding of the interconnectedness of the created world and the interdependency of all systems – political, social, economic, geographic, spiritual, cosmic etc.
    A view of the MCEJ grounds
    Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice
    New Canadians
    View of the Garden
    The Cosmic Walk
    Indoor cosmic walk
    Some of the participants at the indoor cosmic walk
    Celebrating Earth Day
    Celebrating Earth Day
    The greenhouse
    Produce harvested from the MCEJ Garden
    Selling produce at the Farmers Market
    A display of the Centre's produce on sale at the Farmers Market
    Climate Change awareness Walk on the streets of St John's
    Climate Change awareness walk