The Cosmic Walk

The Cosmic Walk depicts the reality of oneness, found not only on planet Earth but throughout the whole Universe.

The Walk tells the story of creation through a spiral of images on the grounds of The Mercy Centre for Ecology & Justice. It is designed to evoke a sense of awe and wonder at how we are wonderfully and beautifully made. It is to know ourselves as part of the great mystery connecting us back to the stars and to a 14-billion-year-old history of the universe.

The spiral nature of the Cosmic Walk is integral to its design. The design itself, based on the meditative labyrinth, is an ancient symbol that represents wholeness and utilizes the spiral to represent the journey to our own center and then back again. The spiral relates to the evolution of our universe as it mimics the “spiraling out” nature of all matter since the great flaring forth of the Big Bang when our universe began. When one begins the second half of their journey on the Cosmic Walk, they are figuratively starting at the center of all things, the beginning of our universe, and flowing with its timeline outwardly in a spiral to follow its expansion into forming galaxies and eventually, on it’s outer and most recent path, the existence and evolution of life itself.

The Cosmic Walk
Cosmic Garden
TCosmic Walk at Sunrise
Indoor cosmic walk