Ministry in Healthcare

Caring with Compassion

Care of the sick is integral to the charism and tradition of all Sisters of Mercy as well noted in the founding history of the congregation. Visitation of the sick in their homes and in institutions has been adapted to circumstances of time and place, yet remains a strong witness of the Mercy ministry.

In the early and mid- twentieth century the Mercy order owned and operated in St. John’s a large acute care hospital, St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital, as well as a large nursing facility for the aged and infirm, St. Patrick’s Mercy Home. The sisters also administered a large school of nursing associated with the hospital. In addition to those who ministered in these institutions, sisters continued to visit the sick at home, and in other health care facilities in the areas where they lived and worked.

Today, Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland may be found at St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital, St. Patrick’s Mercy Home, the L.A. Miller Centre in the ministry of pastoral care.  Sisters have great devotion to our sick and infirm sisters at McAuley Convent.  Some sisters attend to the sick in the parishes and regions where they dwell.  Two sisters are caring for the sick as registered nurse and as licensed practical nurse.