Mission and Vision

Every four years the Sisters of Mercy assemble in General Chapter to reflect on their life as a congregation of women religious in their contemporary society.


The Chapter is the highest governing body of the group. The life and mission of the Sisters of Mercy receives its impetus and direction from this assembly of the whole membership. At this time also the women who will form the leadership team are elected for a four year term. The following statement of the 21st General Chapter guides the mission and ministry of our Congregation:


Mercying: Imaging the Face of God in All creation ,the call of the 22nd General Chapter (2021), impels us to a contemplative and intentional response to the cry of Earth and the cry of the poor as one.

Trusting in God’s providence and inspired by Catherine’s vision, we dare to walk together into the future, exploring anew our place in an evolving universe.
We commit ourselves, through contemplative and compassionate presence, to:
• Listening and responding to the cry of Earth and the cry of the poor as one;
• Welcoming diversity and inclusion in creation, and in community and ministry;
• Discerning new paths for leadership and ministry.


Misericordiando: Siendo Imagen del Rostro de Dios en Toda la Creación, el llamado del Capitulo General vigésimo segundo (2021), nos impulsa a dar una respuesta contemplativa y decisiva al clamor de la Tierra y al clamor de los pobres que es un solo clamor.

Catalina, nos atrevemos a caminar juntos(as) hacia el futuro, explorando de nuevo nuestro lugar en un universo en evolución.
Como una presencia contemplativa y compasiva, nos comprometemos a:
• Escuchar y responder al clamor de la Tierra y al clamor de los pobres como uno solo;
• Acoger la diversidad y la inclusión en la creación, y en la comunidad y el ministerio;
• Discernir nuevos caminos para el liderazgo y el ministerio.