Foundation Days

The Newfoundland mission from Baggot Street was established in St. John’s on June 3, 1842.  The founders were Sisters Ursula Frayne, Rose Lynch and Francis Creedon.  The celebration of 150 years of the Newfoundland foundation happened in 1992 and brought Sisters of Mercy from all over the world to St. John’s.   

At that 1992 assembly a significant milestone in the foundation of Mercy International occurred. This historic event happened one day during the festivities!  The document that brought Mercy International into being was signed by Sister Mary Paschal, Great Britain and Sister Patricia March, Newfoundland.  The two copies were then entrusted to Sister Paulina of the Philippines to be brought to Sister Mary Carmella in the Philippines for the final signature.

Other Mercy leaders had earlier signed: Sister Kath Burke of Australia, Sister Judith of New Zealand, Sister Regina Kelly, Ireland, Mary Waskowiak, Americas.  The concept of Mercy International arose from the vision instigated by the Irish Mercies, especially Sister Mary Sebastian,  with the serendipitous presence of Sister Mary Trainor who was in Dublin when the idea was born.  She, with an international steering committee, spear-headed and coordinated the project that ensured that  Mercy  would be a world-wide reality that would bloom into Mercy International Centre and Mercy International Association with out-reach into the world of hospitality, spirituality, heritage and culture, social and eco-justice, and communications.

Now more than twenty years later we are among Sisters of Mercy from all continents of the world who are preparing to celebrate together the 20th anniversary of Mercy International.  We have a large committee and are diligently working to meet the standards set out by MIA to provide a prayer with a focus on environment and that may be used by sisters and associates worldwide on September 27.  We are collecting photos to portray the Face of Mercy.  This is project that is engaging nearly all Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland, directly and indirectly.  We all want to look our best and to show our best “face” to the world!  Our work is preparing us for a grand 20th anniversary celebration of Mercy International in September, here and abroad!  We are delighted that Sisters Patricia March and Monica Hickey, two devoted MICers, as well as Anne Curtis, Mercy colleague (Irish-born but Newfoundland-claimed) will be at Baggot Street for the celebrations!

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