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Anonymous Please pray that the Lord showers his mercy, grace and blessings upon me so that there is some material progress in my life.
Timothy Hacker Please pray for Tim & Crisara to have their original life miraculously restored to normal / to have happiness, mercy, love, sanctity and protection / and always be Divinely Guided. TY
Lucia For' healing and family problems
Eduardo Jeffrey B. Serrona Jr. Good day, I am Eduardo, from Philippines. Please pray for me for Good health! And have long life , A Healthy Immune system! This coming January. 16, 17, 21,22, 28,29, 2023 and February. 10 to 30, 2023. Please pray for me to stop the pains all over my body specially, in my Eyes, stomach, feet, arms!. I hope and pray , with help of your prayers that nothing happen BAD in my body and in my Life this coming Week's to come and on that Date's indicated above!. - Eduardo
LisaM (1) Please pray for Charles, a senior citizen and a severely disabled adult, who has Covid. (2) For the Murphy, McCoin, Manganaro, Murray, Ross, Reddy, and Curewitz families. (3) For Joanne who fears moving from her home to a long-term care facility. (4) For Kate , Ryan, and all college students who are beginning their next semester of studies. (5) For the USA, that God will protect her, and that our citizens will return to our Judeo-Christian roots. (6) For the conversion of Russia and China.
Charlotte Praying for my mum to recover from her pneumonia and to become healthy enough to return home. She is so loved and asks for nothing- please keep her safe and restore her health.
Anonymous MARIDEE Family : LORD, lover of mankind, FORGIVE those who hate our family and do us wrong; do good to those who are good to us. • To our family and relatives, GRANT ALL THEIR REQUESTS that lead to salvation and eternal life. • EASE our afflictions & BLESS our endeavors We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Roger Apte Please pray for the complete healing of my body and mind. Thank you.
frances and family Urgent. can you please pray for my dear family. My husband took my children and did not bring them home. I have not seen my children since Christmas eve. For the first time in my life my children and I were separated for Christmas. My children are very small sad and worried. My husband also does not financially support me and as I am unemployed due to taking care of the children,. My husband is causing my young children and me immense stress. That my children will always love , trust and be loy
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