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Regina Please pray that the Lord will place into my son Graham's life a nice Catholic woman with values and morals and that he will renew his relationship with his family. Please pray that the Lord will send a good Catholic man for my daughter Kate to start her life with. Someone we will love and someone who will love her for herself. Thank you. Regina
Maureen O'Keefe Merciful God through the intercession of Catherine McAuley I pray for those suffering with cancer: Sheila Penten, Mike Kelly and Jason McKinney. Please grant them healing.
Aloysius Eneyo Thanksgiving to God for his love and Providence. Praying for the fulfilment of God's promise in my life and vocation.
Maureen O'Keefe God protect and strengthen Mike Kelly in his battle with cancer. May he experience your healing power.
Carol - ann I would like to keep in prayer my family's health and well being and I want to offer up a special prayer for my wonderful sister Linda who has so much compassion for what she does, May God bless her, I am ever so grateful for her, Amen
Carol - ann God has put it on my heart tonight, to keep in prayer the beautiful Sisters Of Mercy whom I hold in the most upright respect , they have shown me much kindness and understanding, I pray that Almighty God will watch over each and everyone of them and bless them and fill them with His graces, May they continue on doing their work here and making this world a better place to live. Amen
Carol - ann I am praying for my brother Gary who needs to change his lifestyle in order to be restored to good health and also for my dear friend Betty that God will place His healing hand on her and give her comfort at this time in her life. Amen
Carol - ann I pray that God of great mercy and compassion will instill in me a grateful heart of mercy and compassion and keep me in good health so I can serve Him and His faithful people, giving Him thanks for a grateful heart on this glorious Easter Sunday morning. Amen
Mildred Brennan For the peace of mind for Loyola Mackey and a good recovery .
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