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Odile Nadine NGO Nyemb Please pray for My vocation
Eva Please pray for God intervention at my job against mobbing and demage, for God blessing my work and also for healing my eyes and bladder, God bless you
Anonymous Lord God, saints, holy angels, intercede, act and erase our errors. May God's mercy cleanse our company. Reparations. Transform problems into something greater, something good. Counter slander and right wrongs. Lord, come and bless all the gaps in our business, thefts and others. Saint Michael, come and dwell in our company. Merciful Jesus Christ, come into all our company's relationships, past, present and future: customers and employees. Amen and thank you.
Lucia I request prayer for healing
Anonymous May jack jenn and Elsie and Eileen heal May jum have great success and safe travels May du, msp elm and hb rip May mgm have great success and clarity Many thanks for my blessings and this service
Kevin My name is Kevin and I'm Catholic from India. I am a graduate student. I recently had applied for an internship in Japan, This could be a very good opportunity for me and would be a turning point for my career. Please pray for me so that I will get and will complete that Internship. Thank you for your prayers
Margaret Milne Dear Sisters I need your prayer, please pray for my sister Janette who was recently diagnosed with early signs of dementia. Please pray for her healing for a miracle. She just retired and can't even enjoy it, Also pray for me for healing of high blood pressure, heart palpitations and anxiety, fibromyalgia, sinusitis and panic attacks. I worry a lot. Also pray that I will get a home and help family to repair their home. Thank you God bless
Antonio For the eternal repose of my deceased cousin Antonio Nobre and all my deceased relatives and friends, that their souls may rest in peace!
Jareed Hobson For Easter, please pray that I find acceptance in society as people look down at my homosexuality and physical ugliness, causing me great distress.
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