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Karen Please pray for my 23 yr old daughter to get out quickly from a unhealthy relationship with a 43 yr old man, who is her boss and newly separated. We her parents are distraught, and have respectfully shared our concerns with her, but her whole attitude has changed and she doesn't seem to care about anything but him. Please pray to have them dissolve this troublesome relationship. He is way to old for her and plus he is her boss (owner) of where she works. I cannot stop crying and and a
Charlie Prasad Dear Holy Sisters, please pray, that I, Charlie, am healed of my psychotic mental illness, where I feel I can communicate with the television. Thank you very much for your prayers.
Greg Pray for sickness & financial urgency for vina and family
Alan Demascus Dear Sisters, kindly please pray that by God's infinite mercy and grace, that I, Alan, am healed of my psychosis/schizophrenia illness. Thank you very much.
Anonymous Thanks to pray I arrive at 6 pm at my landlord today.
Aretta Williams I am under spiritual attack and I would like for you to pray for me. Please pray for me. Somcerely, Aretta Williams
Raajiv Prasad Dear Sisters, kindly please implore the Lord, that I am healed of my gluten insensitivity/wheat allergy, so that I may eat bread without suffering. Thank you very much.
Judy Andrade 30) LordJesus bless my children in their studies Neha Nikita.Bless them with bright future, govt jobs, suitable loving, caring, holy, rich understanding life partners.Bring them closer to your heart Bring them to Logos service.Protect them from all ailments of body and mind , evil spirits blocks , bondages possession dominion trials tribulations afflictions apparitions infirmities trials and traps of the devil.Increase their love, faith, hope and confidence in you and in Mama Mary.Bless them to
Richard Anthony I humbly ask you to pray for me for mercy, grace & protection. Thank you & God Bless
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