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Benzira Rev Fr , I am being harassed at work place for standing for truth and stoping coruption. Please pray for me as Iam fighting for justice. Benzira
Alan Demascus Dear Sisters, pray that I Alan, by the infinite mercy and grace of the most high healer, am healed of my psychosis, where I can communicate with the live television and radio, having suffered symptoms for past 13 years. Thank you.
Nicole L If you would kindly add us to a prayer request I would deeply appreciate it. Prayer Request: Please pray that my family and I will find the right attorney group that will go through ALL of my medical records, take on my case and will be able to get my family and I a settlement to take care of my medical needs and my family. Please watch over us all and support us financially through this transition time. In Jesus' name, Amen.
Paul Hidalgo Please pray that my Violet does not have cancer and that she is fully healed. Thank you with all my heart
Jennifer Martinez may dju have great blessings of success with her home search many thanks. please bless the following as well: may elm , jack, jenn, els, gm, yr and dju all heal and recover may jum have great success in her search and have continued great health may mp rip may Mgm have great success many thanks.
Raajiv Prasad Dear Sisters, kindly please pray that I pass my internship and get general registration as a doctor as soon as possible, so that I can serve the community and God better. Thank you very much.
Antonio Vicente For the eternal repose of my deceased father and all the faithful departed, that their souls may rest in peace!
Deepak Day Dear Sisters, please pray that I am healed of my chronic illness and restored to full good health. Thank you for your prayers.
Chantal Please pray for me to heal and be well and protected. Please pray the man who assaulted me will be convicted and face God's will and justice. Please pray he will tell the truth. That the lawyers will be successfull in getting a good outcome for everyone to heal and move forward. Please pray God will show me how he wishes me to think and feel and be. Thank you, amen.
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