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Derek Gerard Solomon Please pray for me Derek Gerard Solomon I’m suffering Persecution St Michael Archangel protect us INRI IHS Father Son Holy Ghost Amen
Tracye Dockett Prayer request for Tracye no weapon formed against me shall prosper and protection from all evil
Raajiv Prasad Dear Sisters, please pray for me that I get general registration as soon as possible and am able to have a career as a doctor so that I can serve the community and God better. Thank you very much.
Monika I kindly request your prayers for my healing. May Jesus calm my fears and worries as I await the results of medical tests.
Maureen OKeefe Catherine McAuley to you, I entrust my grand-nephew, Jaxon McKinney who suffers from cancer at the stem of his brain. Please intercede for his healing.
Fransiskus Santoso, SVD Hi Sisters please pray for my priesthood ordination May 22, 2021 please pray that i can become a holy priest. In this occasion, I wish that you can send me a card for the occasion of my ordination and you can send it to 5342 S. University Ave Chicago, IL 60615. Seeing your card helps me to know I am prayed for and remembered by many people on one of the important days in my vocation journey. Thanks a lot Sisters
Alan Demascus Please pray for Alan, that by divine Grace, he is healed of his psychosis, which is very distressing for him. Thank you very much.
Raj Pratik Please pray that Raj is healed of his schizophrenia/psychosis by the boundless mercy and grace of God. Thank you.
Anonymous I have been unemployed for two years. Please pray for me to get a job in the school organization. Thank you for praying.
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