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Anonymous Dears Sisters, I ask for prayers in my intentions, that I get soon a good half-time job that I can do during my beginning studies and without working on Thursdays In gratitude.
Rodney Please pray for Rodney. He is having surgery in a few days. Please pray that he will be healed. Thank you Jesus.
Lee God Please pray for the Lee Family who are in the fight of their lives between September 15th and September 24th 2020 to Return their 3 Children back in care of their loving parents forever Amen.
Antonio Vicente For the eternal repose of my deceased friend Elvis and all my deceased family members and relatives, that their souls may rest in peace!
Melissa Debertin Please pray for my mom to be cured from her cancer so she can continue to live with us here on earth for many years to come. Thank you
Dolores Hello dear sisters I need your prayers for a tribulation that we are living n my family. To have peace and do God’s will. God bless you , it means so much. Dolores
Elva Colene Heinsohn Prayers are requested for my mentally ill son, R. who recently lost his leg due to flesh eating virus that he be protected from further invasion of this disease and protect him from COVID19. Provide him with the prosthesis he desperately needs soon and help him to adjust to his new normal. Continue providing him the financial aids needed for ongoing medical care and continue providing him the personal caregivers especially caseworkers who will know his needs and provide them.
valerie marie Pray for Larry who is elderly and has a very sick partner located at a distance from him. Pray for his protection as he has to drive quite a distance to visit her. Blessings for him and for her.
valerie marie Pray for Edna who has multiple medical problems. Please pray for rest, sleep and peace. amen.
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