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Marie F Please pray for my daughter to restore her life and career financially prosperously. She is in sales she needs to quota every month to help support her aging parents. Bless the work of her hands successfully. Pray for all the money the companies and clients owe her to be given to her as quickly as possible. Bring her many ppl clients who can help her achieve her goals faster successfully. She is giving a lot of sales presentations to attract companies and clients pray for them to be a success.TY
Eduardo Jeffrey B. Serrona Jr. Good day, I am Eduardo, from Philippines. Please pray for me for Good health! And Protect my body from Stress, Evil spell, Depression, Fatigue,. And please Pray for me that Nothing happen Bad on my body! This coming September. 22, 2022 to October. 22, 2022. - Eduardo Jeffrey
Theresa Please pray for me it is more than 2 years now i have not seen my kids , my husband is not allowing me to see them or even make a phone call to them, both are girls of 6 and 9 years only. Please pray for me, let Holy spirit fill in my husband, please pray for a poor mothers sorrow please
Xavier Please pray for the conversion and eternal salvation of Godwin and Oswald.
Chantal Please pray for me to be safe and to heal from my ex who hurt me. Please pray for me to be successful in my life and to be fully healed and strong. Pleae pray God's will be done and that he will tell the truth and be convicted. Please pray for my health and freedom. Thank you.
Deepak Dey Kindly please pray for the healing of Deepak's mental illness. Thank you very much.
Anonymous Lord Jesus we turn to you. Come in us. Live in us. May our days, our thoughts and our actions be lived by You, with You and in You. We want to make this path from us to You every day. Dear Jesus, you know our worries, our needs, our aspirations and also our difficulty in giving them to you completely. Lord, your mercy for us is stronger than our weaknesses. We sincerely want to give you back our lives. Lord helps us and guides us in this way. Blessing and best for AE, Cassandra and Justin.
Anonymous Can you please pray for my niece who started kindergarten some girls wouldn’t let her play with them and she is feeling left out. Pray the other girls are nice to her and include her. Pray she makes good friends and choices. Pray she is well behaved and kind to everyone. Can you also pray for my daughter who’s in her class to include her when playing at school help them to become better friends and kind to each other. Thanks for the prayers!
Antonio Vicente Dear Sisters, please pray for this intention: For the eternal repose of my deceased father and all the faithful departed, that their souls may rest in peace!
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