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Valentine Judy Andrade LordJesus Mama Mary bless Valentine's Arun's Jeevans Jairuss families with good health of body and mind, bless us with good memory good sleep every night, free us from all ailments, bless our finances lives intentions prayers and teaching profession, deliver Vellu Jairus Arun from drinking alcohol completely.Anoint us with Holy Spirit gifts fruits charisms of Holy Spirit to guide us in 6 areas of our lives every day and to take right decisions at the right time.
Neha Nikita LordJesus Mama Mary bless Nikita to be placed in the best Company, bless Neha with govt job, bless Neha Nikita Annu Arati in their studies, bless them with bright future, protect them from all ailments of body and mind, danger and harm, bless them with suitable loving holy understanding rich catholic life partners, bless their finances lives intentions prayers studies, keep them in your bosom every moment of their lives Lord Jesus Mama Mary, avoid them from comitting sins in thoughts words deeds
line Jesus, heal and deliver Justin - gender identity. Free, heal and console Justin and Cassandra. Replace the situation with Protection and blessings. Thanks. Line and Jacques
Debra Burnette Pray that my mother remembers daily how much she was adored by her children. We miss you mama.
Theresa Please pray for me it is almost 2 years now i havenot seen my kids , my husband is not allowing me to see them or even make a phone call to them, both are girls of 6 and 9 years only. Please pray for me, let Holy spirit fill in my husband, please pray for a mothers sorrow, please
LISA MURPHY Please pray for Bob Pepka who will have open heart surgery today, July 6th. Thank you! May God bless and protect you all!
Raajiv Prasad Kindly please pray that I have the energy, motivation and positive environment to be able to pray. Thank you.
Carren Herring, RSM I'm visiting Newfoundland from the United States and my prayer is for the earth that we may respect and care for it.
frances and parents Thank and praise God for keeping my parents safe and that I got approval to travel from embassy. Alleluia.Can you please urgently pray for healing for my Dad Jay who is ill from Cancer. My Mom who is elderly is taking care of Dad alone with difficulty. Can you please pray for my Mom to be blessed with good health, peace of mind, strength and hope and that she will not worry as she is finding all this very stressful. That we will find a good Carer urgently. Please please pray that a Carer Raj
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