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Deepak Dey Kindly please pray for the healing of Deepak's mental illness. Thank you very much.
Anonymous Lord Jesus we turn to you. Come in us. Live in us. May our days, our thoughts and our actions be lived by You, with You and in You. We want to make this path from us to You every day. Dear Jesus, you know our worries, our needs, our aspirations and also our difficulty in giving them to you completely. Lord, your mercy for us is stronger than our weaknesses. We sincerely want to give you back our lives. Lord helps us and guides us in this way. Blessing and best for AE, Cassandra and Justin.
Anonymous Can you please pray for my niece who started kindergarten some girls wouldn’t let her play with them and she is feeling left out. Pray the other girls are nice to her and include her. Pray she makes good friends and choices. Pray she is well behaved and kind to everyone. Can you also pray for my daughter who’s in her class to include her when playing at school help them to become better friends and kind to each other. Thanks for the prayers!
Antonio Vicente Dear Sisters, please pray for this intention: For the eternal repose of my deceased father and all the faithful departed, that their souls may rest in peace!
Anuja jeyendran I am only child and My father passed away .My mother worries about me and my future and cries when praying god.I worry about my mother and I have only choice that pray god.Because I haven't solution to problem. Please guide me to find a good educated occupied  husband to settled down in family   life without obstruction, prosperity and happiness.Then,Please please pray for me to have permanent good paying job or government good paying job.
Raajiv Prasad Kindly please pray for the provision of a medical internship position for Raajiv, so that he can finish his internship and serve the community and God better. Thank you.
Eduardo Jeffrey B Serrona Jr Good day, I am Eduardo, from Philippines. Please pray for me for Good health! And have a healthy immune system, healthy Heart. And please pray for me to protect my body from Stress, Fatigue, depression. This coming August. 11, 2022 to August 31, 2022. - Eduardo Jeffrey Ballado Serrona Jr
The Menkin Family Special intentions for our family - 3 devout homebound Catholics
Raji Dominic Requesting prayers for my father Dominic Sebastian who is in icu with multiple organ diseases and heart attack. Please pray for his speedy recovery.
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