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Marlen Please I ask for your prayers. In my house there is a persistent smell of dog feces and I think it is related to some neighbors who do not like me. People who used to treat me compassionately have changed their attitude towards me overnight or have started having financial problems. I need God to show me the way to go.
Charlie Prasad Dear Sisters, kindly please pray, by the mercy and grace of the most high Lord, that Charlie may be healed of his chronic psychotic schizophrenia illness, suffered for past 14 years. Thank you very much.
Anonymous Please pray for my family to rebuild their life and career financially prosperously. Bless the work of their hands successfully. Remove all blockages restore and shower them with many blessings and great opportunities in multiple folds in the name of Jesus Christ. Guide them to the right path of success. Clear all blocks to their financial security allow abundance prosperity to flow their ways successfully. Spare them from any calamities that ll cause them misery. Bless you all praying.
Anonymous That Lindsey and I may grow in love of God and each other all the days of our lives
Vera Please pray for my cousin's premature twins - a girl and a boy. The boy is in critical condition! Thank you so much and God bless you!
Chantal Please pray for God's holy will to be done on earth and in the church. Specifically with the church by my home that has fallen away from goodness and protects abuse. Please pray for those priests and that we will find a way to bring more light to the darkness there. That there will be peace and healing for victims of violence and there will be a cleansing of hurt and deceit. That Jesus will heal his church and those that look to him for help. Amen.
Chantal Please pray for my brother Erik, he is struggling with his health and needs support and a good doctor. Please pray he will have a good doctor and the right people and help him. He is such a good man and would love a good wife to support eachother. Please pray for me and my health too and that I will recover and get stronger. Please pray that I will find peace and love and do God's will for me. Thank you, amen!
Tracy Please pray for my friend Shameema Dangor, she is a non-believer in an extremely high pressured job and other life pressures, with several addictions and anxiety disorders. Thank you so much
Alan Demascus Dear Sisters, please pray, for the Lord for whom all things are possible, for his merciful loving grace to heal this sinner, Alan of his psychotic mental illness and the sufferings it causes. Thank you very much.
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