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Alexandra Please pray for my brother Farrokh whp died recently without receiving confession and eucharist.Being his only relative I can t stop worrying about his soul.If there îs possible please celebrate a mass for his eternal rest
Anonymous Please pray for provision for medical costs and heating costs and for the provision of a new laptop as this one is broken
Alan Demascus This advent, please pray that the all merciful and gracious Lord heals Alan's schizophrenia illness, a hell suffered now for past 15 years. Thank you.
Lee Family "Dear Father in Heaven, thank you for drawing the Lee to you in prayers. You put the seed of faith in their heart to seek your help. We come here to pray with their agreement. We don't know the full situation but you do. Thank you Holy Spirit we know you are already interceding for the family. If it pleases you Lord, we ask for you to grant your favor so that Lee family be reunited with their kids. Let them experience the joy of reunion and grow aware of your presence in their lives. Amen.
Megan Please pray for my boyfriend, Russell, who has been struggling to finish his dissertation for his PhD. We would like to be married and start a family, but we feel stuck until he is able to get him done. I see how anxious and depressed this is making him. He has the biggest heart and it makes me so sad to see him struggling like this. Please pray for him.
Pratik Please pray that the psychotic noise of cars passing by doesn't disturb Pratik.
Ashley Isaiah 63
Heather I'm graduating with a Master's in Counseling and getting licensed to counsel in December 2023. I'm praying for a counseling job that pays $48,000 yearly (that's the average for an entry-level counseling position in my state.) I don't feel like I'm asking for too much, but I don’t want to be taken advantage of. Please pray for me. Philippians 4:6
line and jacques For our son Justin. Lord God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, together with Mary and Holy Saints, now free Justin from his addictions, his obsession with desires for sex change surgery, the presences of oppression and anxiety, confusion, veils, blindness and stubbornness, especially in the lack of forgiveness. Seeing clearly and truthfully. Thank you. Amen Line and Jacques
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