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Jared Hobson Please pray for healing of Jared's mental illness.
Maureen O'Keefe Catherine pray for healing for Martin Craig SR. and Martin Craig, JR.
Anonymous PRAYER for MEELO'S FAMILY May the good Lord PROTECT and LIBERATE each member of the family from diabolic FINANCIAL oppression and that God's GRACE, BLESSINGS and MERCY may quickly come saving the family from ruins.
Valentine's family Pray for Jairus , for his speedy and complete recovery, who is admitted in ICU.Pray for Nikita who is travelling, to reach her destination safely.
Raajiv Prasad Please pray for physical and mental healing for Raj.
Jamil Tucker please pray god showers my life in miracles of hope and grace and healing and sends me mighty angels of grace, wisdom, mercy and protection, please pray he guides and protects me during these turbulent times. please pray he gives me answer that can give me powerful peace and please pray he leads me to the perfect love that cast out fear
Cullen Creel Someone is using magic on me. I hear saints and demons. I ask for a hedge of protection. I'm catholic. The voices say I'm in a pentagram in 1997 in richland Mississippi and Bobby bain endorses it.
Anonymous Prayers and masses for Elizabeth Fritzl, Paulo César, Patrícia loira, Régis, Daniel and Sanae.
Anonymous Prayer Request for ESHA & Family Merciful Father, we humbly asking for a FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH. We plead with you to help us to overcome our debts and worries, and break free of the financial woes that hinder us from moving forward in this life. With your infinite generosity and goodness grant our family continued graces and blessings throughout the days to come. Amen.
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