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Carol-ann Dear Sisters:. My dear friend, Celie, didn't get good results from her C.T. Scan last Friday, she has called off her chemotherapy treatment as it was making her more sick, Celie has fought this disease so long and her body has enough, I am asking for prayers for her, she is not giving up and we are not, God is our healing physician, He heals people today as He did when He was on earth, I am asking for a healing for Celie, God's Will Be Done. Amen
Emmanuel Merci de prier pour Florence atteinte d'une tumeur au cerveau. Pour sa guérison et pour qu'elle puisse supporter au mieux ses traitements à partir du 25 Février prochain. Pour sa famille dans l'angoisse. Thank you and God blesse you. Charlotte
Caitlin For Caitlin Marie special intention
Chantal Please pray for me and my church. I was assaulted by my coworker, was fired, and restricted my access to the church so my abuser can be there. They are being so awful and I do not know what God wants me to do. Please pray for me if I should leave the church forever. Or go there or fight? What can I do, I loved the church. I loved them all and they have all abandoned me. But I do not know God's will. It feels like God supports them. Why?
Carol-ann Yetman Please keep in prayer, my dear friend, Celie who is battling stage 4 colon cancer, she is having a C.T. Scan this Friday, February 19th, we are hoping for a good report, I ask this in Jesus name. Amen
Alan Demascus Dear Holy Sisters, this Lenten season, kindly please pray for me that I am healed. Thank you very much.
Mn Please pray for Erika and Darrel's reconcilitation and healing relationship so that their love will continue to be strong, to prosper and grow. eliminating selfishness and misunderstanding from their relationship. Hopefully they can love and support each other, May their loyalty for one another remain strong and immutable. always filled with compassion, kindness, forgiveness, patience, wisdom, understanding,
Antonio Vicente Dear  Sisters, please pray for the following intention: For the eternal repose of all my deceased family members, relatives and friends, that their souls may rest in peace!
Anonymous Please pray for my mental health issues as they have caused problems in my relationship and my academic pursuits. Pray for the healing of my relationship with my fiance and for my academic success in medical school.
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