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emily Please pray for my friend kristine. Her husband abandoned her and their children leaving them in dire straits
Chantal Please pray for me.and for God to help me fight for what is right and good. Please pray he will show Fr. A. and Fr F. what is the truth and what they need to do to help the situation and what is right. To help protect me from harm and to help me heal and not abuse me. Please pray God the right people who can help me. And what I where I should go? Please God amen.
Alan Demascus Please pray, that with divine grace, I, Alan, may be healed of my psychosis which is very distressing for me. Thank you very much.
Rob Please, continue to pray for the Lord's mercy, deliverance and healing in Marcos de Souza, Lima. And for the grace and protection of the Lord in My life and Job, and in the life of Fátima Rodriguez; may we be guided by the Holy Spirit, that we have a sense of God's direction and spirit of knowledge. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Thank you!
joshua leong Dear Lord, I would like to thank you if u bless me the lotery of my requirements and let me buy a home at coral 10-42 blk 21 - with my designs and intentions in it as i need a home amen! amen! amen!
Anne Healing for Joseph from all ailments that he will live and his breathing will be normal soon healing for antoinieta Joseph Brian Desmond Carlos, myself, Carlos grandmother Florence Malcolm all at home I pray Desmond buys a good car at a cheap price I pray the insurance company covers all expenses for all 3 cars hit in the accident I pray Desmond gets tenants for his house soon does well in his business pays bills on time he sells the property I get my money back soon the tenants who are not payi
Lorettasalsh Please prayer for Teresa Trainor who is seriously ill.
Brenda Peddigrew Prayers for all who struggle with confinement, especially my Aunt Bride.
Anonymous Please pray for me to get the job at the Ministry of Social Development. Thank You!
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