St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital: Historical Highlights

July 20, 2017

A timeline of key events in the development of St Clare’s Mercy Hospital.

St Clare’s 1916

1913 “White House” purchased from the Honorable E. M. Jackman to be operated by the Sisters of Mercy as a home for working girls.

1921 The “White House” was renovated to serve as a hospital. Archbishop E.P. Roche laid plans for the improvement whish included sending a Sister of Mercy to Mercy Hospital in Pittsburg to train as a nurse.

1922 May 21 St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital was officially opened to care for 23 patients Sister Mary Bernard Gladney, graduate nurse, was appointed Superintendent.  The following year Sister Mary Aloysius Rawlins took on the position of superintendant.

1939 New modern 100 bed building opened west of the “White House” on LeMarchant Road.
St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital School of Nursing was opened with accommodations for the students in a duplex house next to the hospital.

1941 First Graduation of St. Clare’s Nursing School- five graduates.

1950 Opening of a large chapel and additional facilities for pediatric, obstetric and dietary services
–   Our Lady of Lourdes window installed on chapel corridor in memory of Sister Mary Aloysius Rawlins who had been administrator of St. Clare’s for over twenty years.

1956 Board of Governors and Medical Advisory Committee established through the work of Sister Mary Fabian Hennebury, Administrator of St Clare’s.

1958 Our Lady of Lourdes Hall opened to accommodate 100 nursing students.

1959 St. Clare’s granted its first full accreditation by Canadian Council on Hospital Accreditation.

1960  St. Clare’s was incorporated.

1962 Opening of New wing on St. Clare Avenue to provide accommodation for 100 additional patients.

1967 St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital Auxiliary set up.  Mrs. Joan Parker Crosbie was first President.

1963 Planning begun for another extension of hospital. 1968 Recognition as teaching hospital affiliated with Memorial University.

1972 Golden Anniversary of the opening of St. Clare’s. New wing officially opened. Hospital population now increased to 300 patients.

1975 Department of Pastoral Care established. Sister M. Carmelita Power appointed as Director.

1978 Talbot House, a Residential Detoxification Center was opened on Deanery Avenue.

1979 First Palliative Care Unit east of Montreal opened. The unit was transferred to the Leonard A. Miller Centre in 2002.

1984 St. Clare’s was selected as one of ten test sites for a national computerized information management project.

St Clare’s Today

1985 Establishment of St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital Foundation
–   Computers were introduced- Meditech system for patient information.

1994 St. Clare’s sold to provincial government and incorporated into Health Care Corporation of St. John’s, 1995
–    Opening of LeMarchant House, a mental health day program/centre.

1995 St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital Advisory Council was established to foster Mission, Values and Ethics.

2004 Sisters of Mercy donated a ceramic mural “For Mercy Has a Human Heart” placed in the front entrance. Artist – Gerald Squires.

2005 Eastern Health, Regional Authority established for administration of all health care services in Avalon, Burin and Bonavista Peninsulas, including St. Clare’s.

2022 St. Clare’s celebrated the centenary anniversary of its opening.