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Eileen Praying today in a special way for Rosa celebrating her 25th Anniversary of profession to religious life. May she be blessed for the many ways she has touched people and how God's presence has be felt in their lives through her life, mission and ministry in Peru.
Marilyn Please pray for members of my Family who are unemployed due to defamation of character.
Mary Trainer Dear God of Mercy, we give thanks for our sisters in Newfoundland who have reached out in extraordinary support to bring to birth Mercy International Association and to pass the legacy of Catherine Mc Auley to all who walk through the doors at Baggot St.
Jean Thanking God for the beauty of creation and asking mercy for the many ways we do not respect its integrity.
Teka Please pray for Sandra Doucet who has Lung Cancer, that she may be healed. The more prayers, the more healing.
Teka This is my second Prayer. It is so nice to touch a candle . It makes Prayer more powerful. God of Mercy, help us to be filled with Mercy towards the poor and the lowly of this World.
Anonymous Thanking God for the nice weather and all the nice people I met today.
Teka Lord protect all the Mercy Sisters throughout the Universe.Bring Healing To those who are not well.Fill them with your Peace.
Mildred In thanksgiving to God through Catherine for good health and asking God to heal Karla.
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