>Foundational Statement and Guiding Principles

Faithful to the call of the Gospel, the charism of Catherine McAuley, and the social and ecological teachings of the Catholic Church, the Sisters of Mercy entrust their sponsored ministries to Mercy Wellsprings and its Boards.  ​The Sisters invite them to embrace the spirit and culture of Mercy and to listen and respond to the cry of Earth and the cry of the poor as one.​

  • Compassion – respect dignity of each person, extend tenderness and care to whole of creation​
  • Respect – recognize each one uniquely made in God’s image, celebrate beauty & integrity of creation  ​
  • Justice – uphold and support the rights of all persons and Earth   ​
  • Collaboration = engage others as partners, welcome diversity and inclusion​
  • Deep Listening = hear the voices of people, of Earth beings, and of Earth herself ​