March is Irish Heritage Month

March 2, 2023

Throughout the month of March, Canadians are encouraged to learn more about the rich history of Irish-Canadian communities, to remember and honour their legacy, and to celebrate their continued contributions to our country.

The story of the Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland is a story of valiant women, women of faith and vision, of courage and commitment, of hope and fidelity. It is a story pulsating with life and energy, a story to be remembered, celebrated and shared.

“Standing on Their Shoulders”, a book by Charlotte Fitzpatrick rsm tells the stories of 60 Sisters of Mercy who left Ireland  between 1842  and 1907 , all aged between sixteen and twenty years, to minister with the people of Newfoundland .

These portraits, most two or three pages in length tell in rich detail their compassion, courage, commitment and creativity.

Download the PDf of their stories here