The Body Holds the Story

July 15, 2018

I wrote this poem to describe the journey of a girl who had been a victim of human trafficking

The body holds the story

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Chapter 1: Birth Until 11 Years

a tiny bud so fresh so new
nurtured by sunbeams
watered by dew drops
rooted in soil rich and deep
blossomed in the garden
blew carefree in the wind
danced vibrantly amidst others
pulsating with life

chapter 2: ages 12 years-14 

but chaos and confusion penetrated the garden
climaxing in violence and upheaval
thrusting the bud into a place of fertile emptiness
the bud-
now plucked from its stem
torn and tossed by foreign elements
displaced from the warmth and security of her home
no longer aroused by sunbeams and dewdrops
no longer shaded from destructive forces
no longer tended by gentler spirits

perceived now as a prized trophy
lured and groomed into a heinous crime
one that wrenched through my body
tore through my soul
pierced through the chasms of my heart
and the body continued to hold the story…

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