Sisters of Mercy Newfoundland Recognised as ‘a Blue Community’

October 30, 2020

On Friday, 19 October, Ms. Andrea Furlong, Interim Chief Executive of the Council of Canadians, presented the Congregation with a certificate as a Blue Community, the 20th group in Canada to commit to the honoring and protection of water, and one of only 47 groups yet to do so worldwide.

The presentation took place at McAuley Convent, St John’s, where a number of Sisters had gathered for this event. A brief ritual which included a blessing of water was prepared and led by Sr. Mona.

A ‘Blue Community’ adopts a water commons framework by taking three actions:

1.       Recognizing water and sanitation as human rights.

2.       Banning or phasing out the sale of bottled water in municipal facilities and at municipal events.

3.       Promoting publicly financed, owned, and operated water and wastewater services.

In May the Congregation prepared its Statement of Commitment outlining its dedication to implementing water and sanitation as human rights.

Commitment Statement in EnglishCommitment Statement in Spanish

‘We make this commitment for the good of all in keeping with the integrity of all creation and in a spirit of humility and gratitude for water and the many gifts lavished on us by the Creator of all.’

A guide prepared by the Council of Canadians, providing information and resources to help a group become a blue community, can be downloaded
here (28pps, PDF)

Images: Used with permission . Sam McLeish, The Telegram