Royal Visitors Meet Mercy

November 18, 2009

Royal Visitors to Canada Meet Mercy

His Royal Highness, Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, began their 11-day tour of Canada in Newfoundland and Labrador. On November 3 they presided at the official opening of a social housing project sponsored by the United Church of Canada in St. John’s. During the celebration the Prince spoke with Sister Margie Taylor who volunteers with the project, The Stella Burry Association. He was pleased to know that the Sisters of Mercy have supported the project and that Sister Margie is working with some of the clientele.   He enquired about the number of Sisters in our Congregation and if we have many young women presently entering. He finished the conversation by wishing the Sisters in our Congregation many blessings in our lives and in our work.

The following day the royal party visited an educational centre of the Association of New Canadians. At the centre the Prince noted a photo display of vegetables grown by a group from the Association at a small farm located a new property that the Sisters of Mercy have purchased for our Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice. Photos showed the preparation of the ground, the planting and the harvesting. The Prince spoke with Sister Mary Tee, Coordinator of the Centre commending the steps our Congregation has taken towards Organic Farming. He expressed gratitude for the work that the Sisters do with the Association of New Canadians.