Pray for the People of Türkiye and Syria

February 14, 2023

Join us in prayer for the people of  Türkiye and Syria who have been devastated by the 7.7 magnitude earthquake on 6 February, now recognised as the sixth-most-deadly natural disaster this century.

The loss of life, the injuries, the destruction of buildings, the displacement of peoples and the critical needs of the citizens are extraordinary.

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You might like to pray these words;

“Be present, O Lord, our Good Shepherd, to bring comfort, relief, shelter and human kindness. Shield the people who suffer, console those who are bereaved, prosper the provision of relief, strengthen the work of emergency teams, and shine your light and hope in the midst of despair.” (Diocese of Europe)

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has launched two emergency appeals. Find out more here