New Associates in Marystown

June 8, 2012

Associates in Mercy


” In Mercy, as Associates

We’re drawn into the circle.

In Mercy, our hearts are lifted

In the peace of God.

In Mercy, we learn to walk in

Catherine’s daring footsteps.

In Mercy, we strive to be

The face of hope for all.”


(Sara Sexton, Mercy Associate)

On May 21, 2012, praying in song and ritual, the Associates of Marystown welcomed four new members into their Circle of Mercy.  Sister Elizabeth Marrie, on behalf of the Leadership of the Sisters of Mercy, received the commitment of Donalda Cheeke, Annette Deveau, Hanna Lambe and Elizabeth Whelan. The new Associates received their Associate pins, Certificates and Mercy Associate candles and were warmly embraced by their Associate friends and their facilitator, Sister Theresa March. 

In her opening address to the Associates, Sister Maureen O’Keefe noted that in 1993 the Marystown Associates under the leadership of Sister Margaret Pittman, were one of the first two groups to accept the invitation of the Sisters of Mercy to explore an Associate Relationship with the Mercy Congregation.  Like the first four sisters on the Marystown foundation in 1927, the Associates too began as a group of four. And like the sisters before  them, they have witnessed additions and departures over the years.

Today,  the group of fourteen dynamic women with Sister Theresa as their mentor proudly carry on the Mercy tradition of love and service to one another, their community and beyond.  The depth of their commitment and the sincerity of their affection for one another was evident in the sharing of stories that occurred over our traditional “good cup of tea” and copious goodies.

May the spirit of our founders Catherine McAuley, Francis Creedon and Antonio Egan continue to live in our Marystown Associates.  And may they continue to enrich their community with the fruits of God’s loving Mercy.

Photograph l-r: Donalda Cheeke, Hannah Lambe, Elizabeth Marrie rsm, Bride Murphy and Annette Deveau.

Maureen O’Keefe, rsm