Help for Haiti

January 24, 2010

Help for Haiti – St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital & St. Patrick’s Mercy Home

During January, Sisters, chaplains, staff, volunteers, physicians and visitors at St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital in St. John’s Newfoundland opened up their hearts, their wallets and their piggy banks in an attempt to assist the people of Haiti.  Through a fund-raising campaign of a few hours, $2,000 was collected. This amount has been forwarded to “Doctors Without Borders” to assist physicians and  coworkers in their efforts to save lives and to control infection and disease.

A similar initiative took place at St. Patrick’s Mercy Home under the direction of Sister Monica Hickey. Sisters, staff, residents, volunteers and visitors responded with open hands and open hearts. Through a fund-raising campaign, $650 was collected and this amount will be forwarded to the “Canadian Red Cross” to assist workers in their efforts to alleviate the pain and suffering of the Haitian people.