Global Action Lived Locally: A Case Study from Newfoundland

March 21, 2011

The Sisters of Mercy in Newfoundland are a Congregation of 124 sisters involved in global action in Canada, Peru, Kenya and Zambia.

Newfoundland’s vision for Global Action stems from their Chapter Proclamation of 2009 as follows:

  • We believe that the Mercy charism embraces the interconnectedness of women, suffering people and Earth. We commit ourselves to explore this interconnectedness, to accept responsibility for care of Earth, and to venture new ministries among women, youth and suffering people.
  • We believe that the Mercy charism embraces right relationships with God, self, others, Earth and the life-enhancing nature of diversity. We commit ourselves to deepen our relationship with God, to nurture the quality of relationships within our congregation, to work in partnership with others, and to grow in our understanding and acceptance of diversity in all of life.
  • We believe that the Mercy charism embraces the energy and influence of mercy presence in the church, in the world and in all creation. We commit ourselves, in our leadership for mission, to be a personal and corporate presence in struggles for justice and equality.

Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland (2009)

The following profile features an example of Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland embodying their vision in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Sr. Mary Tee is Director of the Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice located in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

The Mercy Centre for Ecology and Justice focuses its energy and resources toward the unfolding of the vision to live a spirituality flowing from the sacredness of all creation and to work in solidarity with others for the restoration of ecology and justice in the world and in all creation.

In collaboration with partners internationally, nationally and locally, it promotes eco-justice through the exploration of new and practical ways to participate, as co creators with God, in God’s ongoing creation, to sustain the gift of life and enhance the well being of Earth’s sacred community. It promotes awareness of a mutually enhancing relationship between the human and the natural world with an appreciation of reciprocity and interdependence of the one life we all share. It provides experiences, resources, and educational opportunities to expand awareness of the intrinsic value and integrity of all creation. It promotes the involvement of youth in the ministry of ecology and justice.

The centre works to engage the sisters, associates and others, especially youth, in its many projects and activities. The centre serves as facilitator, advocate, educator and prophet in the many aspects of ecology and justice.

The building (pictured at right) is situated on an acre of land that has fruit trees and berry bushes around the perimeter and fertile soil that has seen two crops of vegetables in the past two summers. The garden is a project of the Centre in collaboration with a group of “new Canadians” and students of St. Bonaventure’s College. The produce is shared with the food banks and other groups.