Art at McAuley

Sister Madeline Byrne has been contributing to the artistic atmosphere at McAuley Convent for the past few years. Every Thursday afternoon she guides and encourages some of the senior sisters to produce painting, cards and other creative works.

Madeline describes herself as “a budding Artist”, despite the fact that many of her beautiful paintings may be found in our convents and residences or on the walls in people’s homes!

Some of the Sisters at McAuley expressed an interest in painting.  So, every week they take out their brushes and get to work.  While there are no “Monets or Picassos” they all enjoy the time together. When a piece is finished they marvel at what they are able to produce.  All are delighted to have their work published by displaying it on a special wall in the Convent.  There have even been in-house sales of their cards!